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To develop and maintain a high level of expertise, with qualified human resources open to emerging trends and technologies in the glazing industry.

Conseiller au développement de projet de construction

Our highly qualified and trained team maintains partner relations with its suppliers, contractors, and other professionals, allowing us to successfully complete the most innovative projects.

Techniverre - Camions

Quality, integrity, training, respect of both our customers and employees.

About us

Since 1974, Techniverre+ has been keeping up with new technologies. We have invested in our workforce, and developed a unique expertise.

At first, we dealt mostly with internal glazing. As time went by, the company developed new expertise: manufacturing and installing glass doors, modifying glass products, manufacturing aluminum frames and doors, manufacturing curtain walls, and developing and installing structural glass as well as glass guardrails.

Today, Techniverre+ strives to set the trends, and to propose new innovative products by securing partners with the same quality and integrity values.